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Flowers of happiness

March 5, 2014

If you still have not chosen a gift for the March, 8, we advise to pay attention to a pot plant. It is an excellent gift for any woman. It is good, if you know which flower will please the lady, whom you want to send your greetings. But never mind, if you don’t. present a plant, which will please her in any case.

A spathiphyllum, for instance. It had a good reason to get a second name – Woman’s happiness. It helps single girls to get married, and those who want to have a baby – to get pregnant. The plant itself attracts with its glossy and fleshy leaves and beautiful flowers that look like white blankets.

The ficus elastica, or rubber fig, can also promote harmonic family relationship and helps to get pregnant favorably. You can safely place it near the bed. Besides mentioned advantages it will also clean air in the room.

We hope you will please your dear women, and we wish huge woman’s happiness, love and wellbeing to all ladies!