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Friendly Asked Questions |

1. How can I pay for my order?

Choosing the payment method is the last stage of processing your order after you choose the bouquet.

We work for you and do everything we can to make you feel comfortable working with us. Therefore we give you the opportunity to choose the most suitable way for you to pay for your order:

1.     Bank Wire Transfer

2.     WebMoney

3.     Yandex.Money

4.     Payment by Credit Card through the Pay On–line

5.     ComePay Payment Terminal

6.     ElexNet Payment Terminal

Follow this link to get more detailed information about available payment methods.

If the offered payment methods are not acceptable to you for some reason, please, contact our manager and we will try to find some alternative payment method to fit your needs.

2. How long will it take to deliver my order?

Flower delivery to Russia is available within 3-4 hours after your payment is confirmed and in case the fresh flowers needed for your bouquet are available.

3. Is my personal information confidential?

All the personal information provided by you (your name, address, phone number, e-mail, credit card number) is kept confidential and will not be disclosed.

4. Does delivery prices include in bouquet price?

The prices displayed on the website include delivery. However, when choosing delivery to some small town, please contact our manager at the telephone numbers listed on our website and confirm the cost of delivery.                               

5. Will the bouquet you deliver correspond to the photo on the website?

Sure, in most cases the bouquet we deliver will look very similar to the one you see on the photo. Remember, that floristics is a form of art, and even though the florists will closely follow the bouquet pattern you see, they may implement it with their own artistic peculiarities – just like any real artist.

There’s also a slight chance that certain kinds of flowers are just not available – depending on the current season and the supplies. If that’s your case, you will be informed immediately. If we cannot contact you for objective reasons, the florists will do their best to make your composition as similar to the picture as possible – with similar form, size, and color range, equal or exceeding the initial bouquet in price. When making replacements, keeping the same kind of flowers is of higher priority than keeping the same color.

In any case, there’s one thing you can be absolutely sure in: you bouquet will be made of fresh flowers, professionally and passionately.