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University symbol

May 11, 2018
The Beijing University is 116 in the beginning of 2015. Lecturers and students are conducting a contest devoted to this important date; they are to select a flower – the symbol of the university. Each student, postgraduate and lecturer can choose one plant, which is to be the university symbol in their opinion. The winner of the vote will be named on May, 4.

«Firebird» from Africa

November 2, 2015
Strelittsiya (firebird, shadoof) — the flower in South Africa. It is unusual not only with his shape, which one reminds a head of mysterious bird, but also with a complete absence of smell. This happens despite the fact that the nectar just can't fit in the Cup of the flower and flows down even to its edges.

Flowers as the main participants of the show

October 5, 2015
Dutch fashion designer Ronald Kolk, who works with celebrities, made an amazing show in September this year, which was dedicated to the 30th anniversary of its activity. The holiday was unforgettable due to the flowers which were everywhere, even in the hairstyles of models. Demonstration of fashionable clothes which closely intertwined with floristics, have to emphasize, by his opinion, the&nb...

Florists gathered together on Onam holiday

September 15, 2015
It was a long-awaited event for indian florists on last summer weekend. Onam holiday, named «Festival of rich harvests», traditionally was  taken place at main floral market in Keral. The most colorful moments were about flowers. For example, landscape designers surprised again with their traditional „flower carpet“, which made of thousands bright flowering plants. Also very important moment was sale for ...

«Flower subscription» for busy men

September 2, 2015
Florists from «The Flower Project» company from New Zealand offered new interesting option for men who used to give the bouquets for their loved ones not only for events, but more than often. Once you issue the «flower subscription» and talk about size of the bouquet, its color and delivery frequency, busy men liberate themselves of going to shop or web st...

The oldest festival on Top again

August 15, 2015
Annual flower festival «Leeds Flower, Vegetable and Craft Show» has taken place in the beginning of August in british town Leeds. This time a Holiday of flowers and impressive harvest gladdened his guests although last year the oldest festival celebrated his 150th anniversary. Visitors could see an exhibition of the flowering plants and compositions of them, master-classes, fair of produ...

Floral ABC for 20 pounds.

August 4, 2015
A ticket to the annual festival of floriculture will cost on average 20 pounds, which will take place in Southport (Great Britain) from 20th of August till 23rd of August. This event promises to be colorful and exciting because it will focused for attention of young generation. Art workshops of floriculture and cooking will open their doors for children, where professionals will teach them to make flowerbeds and cook original dishes of edible flowers.

Florists from Uganda goes out to the international market

July 15, 2015
Flower expositions are not frequent occasion in African Continent. However for farmers it is an excellent opportunity to show their product and find customers abroad. This opportunity was taken by two private farms from Uganda. They have showed their product at the exposition in Nairobi, that was in the beginning of July. --

Flower therapy

July 1, 2015
More then 5000 years ago doctors started to use flowers in therapy. This method got the name Pushpa Ayurveda. They have prescribed it as medicine also as just a contemplation. Ayurvedic healers used some thousands types of flowers for healing of diseases. One of these flower-healers is Lotus.

High technologies will help florists

June 16, 2015
You need to observe some rules to grow a healthy plant: to look for a certain humidity, for air temperature, for certain fertilizer and so on. But not a lot of people have enough time to monitor all parameters. Flower Power will help them with it. It have to set in a pot with flower and it will show on monitor all information about conditions of plant.