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You can create a man’s good mood by a full-color dynamic bouquet.


Light and radiant yellow and orange colours will create the mood of a jolly festival.


Even though a snowman is the main hero of the composition, the spring is vividly present there.


A bear looks like a country dandy ready to date his girlfriend.


You can’t help desire to present your little daughter everything that would please her for her birthday.


The flower toy instead of a standard bouquet can help you to skip usual solutions.


This white-blue bouquet shines with an elusive timid smile. Its transparent beauty creates the mood of enigmatic and exciting femininity.


The bouquet conveys the emotions of hot southern sun, of tranquility and serenity. Such flowers are suitable for any girl or young woman.


This composition is suitable both for country and modern interiors.


Both Dante’s Beatrice clothes and bouquet colors combination of green, white and red symbolize faith, hope and love.


The floristics’ “haute couture” cannot refuse using such refined and noble flowers as roses and lilies.


This composition attracts one’s attention with slightly flashy rose color of the roses, while the «camomile» make it look more cute.


This small but significant gift, a spring composition in a tiny box with a lace, will help you convey your admiration of someone special.


The snow-white light foam is formed with excellent flowers. It`s the romantic mood of the marriage composition.


Wish the young family happiness and long love. The candle light, combined with flowers, will not only warm one’s soul, but also provide hope and support.


The beautiful golden warm fall shades will help you convey the wishes of long years and spiritual strength for a mature lady.


This bright, dynamic bouquet is meant for an active and lively young woman.


Violet is the color of wisdom and nostalgia, which undoubtedly adds depth to the image.


The joyous bouquet of bright colored gerberas will grant a feeling of summer sunny weather.


Perfect harmony of fire, water and flowers - imbued with warmth of burning candles.


Mature elegance of royal buds is a gift for the lady’s heart.


Let fairy-tale spirit brighten your life with this incredible tree made of fruit and flowers.


Create fireworks at first sight with this fantastic floral composition - good for any occasion from New Year to your professor's anniversary.


Both kids and adults love our unique flower 'cake'. Such a “dessert” is sure to create a cheerful, happy atmosphere.

One of the most popular plants, durable and exotic.
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You can create a man’s good mood by a full-color dynamic bouquet.


The elegant arrangement will softly emphasize lady’s virtues and awake her pleasant reminiscences.


The festive and at the same time quite powerful bouquet is to emphasize sincere feeling to a man.


Present this bouquet to a modern woman, who is always beautiful and young in her soul.