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Christmas bouquets

One of the most popular plants, durable and exotic.

Both kids and adults love our unique flower 'cake'. Such a “dessert” is sure to create a cheerful, happy atmosphere.


Create fireworks at first sight with this fantastic floral composition - good for any occasion from New Year to your professor's anniversary.


Let fairy-tale spirit brighten your life with this incredible tree made of fruit and flowers.


Make a wish with this fantastic Christmas basket filled with oranges and pine cones around a splendid candle.


Joyful posh red and caramel roses embellished with golden ornaments are a perfect Christmas gift.


Why buy a large New Year tree if you can get this miniature version, complete with flowers, chocolates and other goodies?


Snowman is happy to join your Christmas celebration! Made of chrysanthemums, he will be an elegant decoration alongside the Christmas tree.


An amazing combination of winter cold and homeliness fits any holiday Christmas is a family holiday. This arrangement is a great Christmas gift combining frosty glitter with pine-needle scent.


Perfect harmony of fire, water and flowers - imbued with warmth of burning candles.


The joyous bouquet of bright colored gerberas will grant a feeling of summer sunny weather.

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Violet is the color of wisdom and nostalgia, which undoubtedly adds depth to the image.


This bright, dynamic bouquet is meant for an active and lively young woman.


This bouquet reminds of early morning, the time, which was a symbol of arising love for many poets.

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The beautiful golden warm fall shades will help you convey the wishes of long years and spiritual strength for a mature lady.

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Wish the young family happiness and long love. The candle light, combined with flowers, will not only warm one’s soul, but also provide hope and support.


The snow-white light foam is formed with excellent flowers. It`s the romantic mood of the marriage composition.


This small but significant gift, a spring composition in a tiny box with a lace, will help you convey your admiration of someone special.


This cute spring bouquet, naïve and expressly simple, makes a nice present for a woman of any age.


This composition attracts one’s attention with slightly flashy rose color of the roses, while the "camomile" make it look more cute.


The floristics’ “haute couture” cannot refuse using such refined and noble flowers as roses and lilies.


The choice of the plants and the colors is meant to convey the mood of waking nature, spring lightness and charm.


These noble, reserved flowers will make a nice present for a self-sufficient intelligent woman, who prefers the true values.

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Both Dante’s Beatrice clothes and bouquet colors combination of green, white and red symbolize faith, hope and love.

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These cold beauties - the pale lilies - are good at reflecting a woman’s charm.

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