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The refined chrysanthemums symbolize immortality, peace and dignity. The bouquet’s color range is rather unique: such a complex violet shade is rather a rare thing in flower compositions. Violet is the color of wisdom and nostalgia, which undoubtedly adds depth to the image. The dramatic dark colors are compensated with their snow-white siblings, which makes the arrangement brighter and more festive-looking. Soft-colored bouquets are generally considered a good choice for elderly people: the plants’ calm beauty has a wholesome effect on them.

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The expression of joy and optimism, the flower manifestation of the sun energy.  


The lively, joyous and festive bouquet tones up and increases the number of endorphines.


The mysterious veil of tender flowers conceals a beautiful lofty feeling to a Woman


The romantic bouquet of roses with light shades is a source of exiting tension.